Easytow Trailers CAD Designed trailer for Northbank boats.

After extensive research and product development, we have formed a solid alliance with Easytow developing and refining a range of custom-made steel and alloy trailers made specially for each Northbank model. The aim has been to create a high quality trailer for each boat that delivers excellent keel support, ease of use, and ultimately less frustration at the boat ramp.

Starting with specific hull measurements each trailer has been CAD designed all the way across the range, allowing for each model boat to fit to its trailer like a glove.

Looking at the rear of each trailer you will notice a nice wide target area virtually the full width of the trailer frame, with directional guides designed to help make a novice at the boat ramp look like an expert… We call this “DGS” (Drive-on Guidance System).

Ever seen someone at the ramp drive onto their trailer so easily and wondered how they did it? It’s a good chance they had a custom made Easytow. You will notice the attention to detail when looking at an Easytow trailer.

It’s the small things like Riverside plasma cut drainage holes, a hook to hang your safety chain so that it doesn’t drag on the ground, thought out tie down point positioning, along with many other features that really take it to the next level.